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    Default Does this guy seem ISTP?

    Or ISFP?

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    actually I kinda want to say estp. my second guess is istj.

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    Holy crud… He’s just like my ex! He tested as ENTP first… but accepted ESTP three years into the relationship. He also skates and often uses “absolutely not” in his speech… says ‘no’ seconds before doing what was asked, has a hard time covering up his smile, etc. Unexpectedly, he was also very possessive and wasn’t afraid to cry (bawling, essentially) in front of me (he was afraid I’d leave him when I moved to go to college—our relationship was long distance for a year and a half; he got straight-A’s in community college and transferred to my university when he had almost flunked out of high school). Same type of playfulness… and I babied him a lot (more so because he acted like a giant baby). I briefly remember he chipped his front tooth a couple days before prom and was like, “Hey… ” And I exclaimed, “OMFG – what did you do to your mouth?!” Him: “I dunno… I was just playing… ” Then I started to burst out laughing because he looked ridiculous and said, “Well, I hope you fix it… (lol)… because you look like a freak.” Him: “BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Okay.” Surely enough, he did. ESTP’s are really sensitive when you get to know them… when they let you in (far enough without scaring you). And when they care, they are really generous (I mentioned needing a jewelry box, and he bought me a freaking treasure chest the size of a coffee table—I told him to either bring it back or keep it in his garage, lol… it might still be there). For instance, his friends wouldn’t believe that he’d cry as often as he would in front of me… but they know how much he’d care by how much he’d talk about me (some stories were embarrassing… but it’s the thought that counts, I suppose, lol). I was trying to take a break from ESTP’s for awhile, but who am I kidding… we’ve always liked one another – we’re always natural and they’d also give off the same smell (pheromones). In other words, I’d never have to question how they feel… even if (or esp. if) they’d make me fun of me daily… while waiting for my reactions. All they’d want are positive (or hilariously negative) reactions.

    Some of his messages:

    “oh yeah, and I think there was an earthquake today; it woke me up from my nap…It was small though. Or maybe I was having a seizure…dunno.

    “okay then, meanie…by the way, I returned the netbook today; please reformat soon. Let me know if you need me to bring the external hardrive. Whoa, you texted me while I was texting you…”

    “OMFG! i forgot my camera!!! That’s what I forgot. FUCK MAN! Anyway, I’m at this skatepark right now and every direction I look there’s mountain full of pines.”

    “well whatever that old lady thing is, it looks nice on you. You want to hang out Thursday night or study or sumthin’? I’m leaving for home on Friday, I need to wash + I forgot my driver’s license and debit card at home. I miss your feet. :’( Oh, one more thing! Haha! I spend almost three hours doing homework for optimization and I was on the last problem when I remembered that the book I have is not the same edition the problems are out of! Isn’t that hilarious?! I thought that was SO funny that I immediately went and turned the cold water on in the shower and then I sat in the corner of the shower, naked, soaking in a crude, blasphemy of a mixture of cold water and tears.”

    “me ---> 8==D
    Yummy stuff ---> ~
    You ---> =P
    Therefore (me + yummy stuff +you) = ( 8==D~ =P) = <3”

    “okay, cool guy [in reference to me]. Always being the cool guy… I skipped discussion today! I was trying to be like you, but I can’t pass my classes like you can doing that. I only skipped because we had the midterm for that class the day before and I stopped by office hours to pick up my quiz. (10/10). Which, by the way, was also the day after I studied with you. I don’t know what it is, something about you… : )”

    “so I got my midterm back today (the one I studied at your place for), 100/100. That ass is magical!”

    “Every single car that passed me on my way to my car shouted something at me when I was in my onesies…haha.”

    “nah, they were all comments like, “YEAH, ONESIES!” Haha, it was funny.”

    “I want to lay to rest in the ravine of your bottom.”

    “no more stuff, calm down! Your hugs and affection are more than enough for me. <3 you…

    “so I tried using your method to eat a banana…quite an inefficient way to eat one, you should flip your bananas back around!”

    My best friend is an ISTP and I also connect with xNFJ’s… but I haven’t met as many. But when I do, the chemistry is pretty apparent. The last one I met was married, lol. I love my fellow humans. My dad is also ESTP, so I don’t think I can escape… they’ve rubbed off on me a little too much already. My family is mainly SP, so I was weird to them… but it helped balance me.

    [This will probably be the longest post (about someone else) that I will ever make.]

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    Yeah, that's an ESTP.

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