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    Interesting, the times when I go into my crisis mode are
    When someone is in a situation that I would spring into action if they wanted me to, but I know it is a decision they need room to make on their own
    When things I thought would never happen in this lifetime happen
    When I turn on the TV just to find a psychologically oppressive variety where the same things are on so many times in one day that it's just sad, I get some good work done on those days
    When hearing about the economy and other prolonged things

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    Quote Originally Posted by badger055 View Post
    I know that ISTPs and other Se types go into "the zone" when in a crisis. For me this is about the only time I am focused enough to accomplish my goals. If I'm not in the zone it's very difficult for me to put my mind to anything for long. Being too happy and comfortable is a curse to me. […]
    My ISTP father was a stockbroker, and he needed to stay more or less high-energy all the time. So he kept a bag of candy in his desk and got himself a little sugar high whenever he needed a boost. He ended up with diabetes in his old age, but it didn't kill him, so I guess it was all for the good.

    A better answer, though:

    You're not really supposed to be in crisis mode much, except in times of genuine crisis. Crisis states, ecstatic or manic moods, etc. should only be indulged in limited amounts. The adrenaline and other chemicals associated with such states will burn you out or injure you over the long term.

    Instead of functioning in crisis mode all the time, it's better to work on your organizational and time management skills (Te skills). Get used to being productive even when not in crisis mode. Go slow, break things down into small 5- or 10-minute bursts of work, and take small breaks in between. Get used to maintaining a slow-but-steady pace.

    Look up Julie Morgenstern at She has written some good books on time management and organization. Learn the principles and start applying them in your life.

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    Being productive and doing things is about making them easy (since you are a perceiver). Make the task easy to do (just use Ti to sort it out), and you'll eventually fly through it. Other people can trigger me into action mode. Like, hanging around judgers that I actually like gets me going (something that piques my interest does as well) if I'm stuck in a rut, and I just hold on to the momentum, because I know it's fleeting. All along the way I just keep making these easy and approachable to do, and I start doing them.

    There is nothing wrong with taking another approach to doing things. The guardian way doesn't work for everyone.

    There are also supplements you can take (every other day) that helps with motivation, etc. Pramiracetam and noopept together is a good one. Research nootropics. Also, some people react very well to brainwave entrainment (listening to audio set to a specific frequency to harmonize your internal brain rhythm). You can research that as well. I use a program called Neuro-Programmer 3. When I try it I am able to focus (when I normally wouldn't) effortlessly and just do things.

    Also, amping yourself up can work. When you feel lazy or stuck just start jumping around while yelling and going crazy and that should get the blood pumping.

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