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    Default Helping my ISFP 9w8 friend

    My ISFP 9w8 so/sx friend often feels like people don't reach out to her as often as she would like. Sometimes she feels like she is being ignored by others. What could be the cause of this? Why do people seem to pass by her, when she's a really sweet and caring woman? It leads into a pattern where she feels compelled to ask others why they ignore her, and she wonders what she is doing wrong. She sees that I have relative ease in getting others to interact with me and reach out to me. I tell her that I don't know how I do it, people just reach out to me (maybe it's a Fe thing for all I know). I've suggested to her not to get too worried about what others think and talk about what she feels like for the sake of showing her passions, rather than seeking recognition/attention. It hasn't really helped, she still feels neglected by others. Those that do reach out to her make her feel uncomfortable or bored after a while and then she lets them go. What do you guys think is going on here? How can I help her past this? Any ISFPs experience this? Type 9s have input on this?


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    I think she needs to add more to others and then they will in turn reciprocate. Just a guess. Not sure if you are still around either, but there it is.

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    maybe she has a habit of only reaching out to others when she feels comfortable.
    if she has a friend who stays by her side, or to check in on her at parties, that may mean a lot to her.

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