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    I think it's mostly the ESFPs.
    ENTj 7-3-8 sx/sp

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    My sister is an ESFP. She blows money like crazy and is terrible at saving long term. I'm great at saving but she's always having way more fun than me. Lol

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    My ESTP sister is terrible at saving money though she is an extremely hard worker - I am beginning to think she is an 6w5.

    Hmm.. even my ESFP mother is terrible at saving money.

    Compulsive Spenders is a strong word. Impulsive spenders maybe but not compulsive. I believe that is the word - Impulsive.

    Infact even NPs would fall in to the impulsive spenders category.

    But then again I've seen ISTP and ESTPs (oddly enough all males) who are extremely shrewd with money.

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    I'm pretty decent with money, never been in debt or anything my INFJ sister on the other hand.....

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    Interesting...I think ESFPs definitely have it the worst, closely followed by either ESTPs or ISFPs, though from my experience, I don't think it applies much to ISTPs. My dad is an ISTP and very shrewd with money. Sometimes he'll make some large purchase that will seem surprisingly impulsive but turns out he's been thinking about it for a long time and he has already done all the budgeting and knows he can afford it. Reminded me of the bike story...

    I on the other hand am both an impulsive and compulsive spender, however I am not in as much debt as I could be because I do not have expensive tastes. I don't care about clothes or electronics much. My weakness is consumables and I particularly love going out to eat. Not only that, but I am kind of an extravagant tipper and I often treat people. Money is not important to me, so I don't care to save it. If I have it, I will spend it. If I don't have it, I usually don't even notice.

    My sister is an ISFP and she is pretty good with money, but sometimes I wonder if she might be an ISFJ. I don't know many ESTPs, but my stepdad is one and he has fairly expensive tastes and likes to go out to eat a lot too. Money is no object for him or my mom, who is an ENFP.

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