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    I guess I'll remain confused forever :p

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    I've given some thought to ISTPs after spending some time with a particular ISTP 9.

    Keep in mind, I am an sx/sp and become very protective of those I love.

    I am peeved that people become attached to this particular type simply for the "intrigue" or "chase" without ever truly desiring a connection or to get to know a person simply to get to know them.

    Especially if you are a 9, oh boy.

    Actually, that is all I will say on the matter because I am "I'll punch a person" mode and nothing good ever comes from that.

    Leave ISTPs alone.

    the weird INFJ.

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    I know with me I don't fit "typical" when it comes to things. I don't have the standard mindset, mannerisms, emotions, etc. Because of this I am very confusing. I don't know crap about sports nor do I really like watching or talking about it. I would rather do then talk. But my IQ is really high and I will talk about N things, but I take them as a grain of salt and reality rules. I am a nerd/jock, I am a computer programmer that loves physical labor. Programmer at work, physical worker at home. I don't fit very many typical molds. I love working out, pushing myself physically and mentally. I have to know why, not just what. I have to do and not just talk.
    Im out, its been fun

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