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    Quote Originally Posted by JAVO View Post
    My wife is an ESFP. I think you've received some great advice so far. You will be exhausted by her visits. Try to get to bed early if you can. (Plus then you can have some introvert time alone.)

    Ummm.... she might think your pointy ears are a little strange, and any references to space-time will totally freak her out. This could make for an interesting bail out scenario if you just can't take any more of her visits.
    Ahh, thanks. And thanks to everyone else for the advice.

    I was actually going to send her a card-but we're out of stamps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Varelse View Post
    So, it looks like my cousin-ESFX, as mentioned in the title-will be going to a college near me in the fall. Probably coming up to our house on many weekends, if so.

    I have no idea how to deal with her, help her to understand that I need some space, etc. Thus, I was wondering if any of the ESFJs and such could give me some advice.
    If your cousin is an ESFP - just be straight out, she'll get over it. If it's an ESFJ, be careful - they can get real touchy. They are the easiest of types to offend. But obviously, it depends on how close they feel to you that matters. If they think of you as someone close, you better come up with something good.

    I'm very abrasive and upfront and that is the ONLY type that lying is the first thing to enter my mind. So basically you have to do a bunch of little lies the entire time, or simply accept offending your cousin early and getting it over with.

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    This has been helpful. I have a relative who I've always thought was an ESFP, but based on what I'm reading here I think she might be an ESFJ - touchy, easily offended, etc. I think I need to change my tactics.

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