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Thread: SP Dealbreakers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randomnity View Post
    It's just common sense to me. I guess that comes from experience + personality + reasoning?
    You mean common sense to everyone? Some of it is common sense maybe, but some things listed I have seen play out in likable/amusing ways. So I have a hard time calling many things dealbreakers, I guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KDude View Post
    You mean common sense to everyone?
    Nah, just for me. I know what I like, more or less. I don't really have to think about it, I just know. So maybe common sense is a bad word. It's just what seems obvious to me, for me.
    -end of thread-

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    I don't believe in deal breakers. In fact, I hate the entire concept of them.

    Haven't any of you seen the film Ruby Sparks?
    Artes, Scientia, Veritasiness

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orangey View Post
    I don't believe in deal breakers. In fact, I hate the entire concept of them.

    Haven't any of you seen the film Ruby Sparks?
    I haven't seen it, but we're probably on the same page. You sound more confident in this choice though.

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    I. My Gender: Male.

    II. Must have(s):
    - A Female. lol
    - Good hygiene.
    - She must wear sexy perfume.
    - Interested in how she dresses/looks
    - Intelligent but not arrogant.
    - Confident but classy.
    - Understanding that I may appear emotionless 83% of the time and doesn't hold it against me or takes it personally.
    - Appreciates my unique ways of displaying affection towards her.
    - Doesn't mind that I would prefer to make out with her versus talking/listening sometimes with/to her.
    (In fact, she would digg it too.) lol
    - Must be sexually adventurous with me and not a prude.
    - Join me in my cleverly, random outtings at times, regardless of the time it may be, or whether we may get caught
    or not.
    - Good-hearted, good intentions.
    - Loves and respects her family and can be able to get along, respect, and eventually care for mine as well.
    - Respects my private, recharge time..even if it has been three days and she hasn't seen me or talked to me much.
    - Nice Smile. *
    - Isn't too uptight and doesn't take herself too seriously.
    - Yes, I drive fast, not because I'm always late, but rather, everyone else either drives too slow, too stupid, or thinks
    they're the only ones who can go fast. Yes, I will be careful, I Know my car, I Know what I'm doing, you Will be
    safe, now let's listen to music as I push this baby towards 90+ mph. Just enjoy! lol
    - Minimum, a compatible sense of humor. Make me laugh and I'll work to make you laugh harder!

    III. Would likes:

    - Brunette w/ Hazel eyes
    - Between 5' 0" and 5' 10"
    - She has some money I can hold on to. lol

    IV. Would rather not have:

    - Stuck up individual.
    - Structured and not flexible.
    - Takes things too seriously, causes scenes when every little thing goes "off plan".
    - Rude more than 60 % of the time.
    - Unapologetic when she makes mistakes, above apologies or being wrong.
    - Inconsiderate of me/ my private time/ my differences and inconsiderate of others and their own style.
    - Severe narrow-mindedness is a turn off.
    - I'm vulgar, so when you say something that is inappropriate, whether to me or someone else, that is saying
    - Animal cruelty.
    - Child neglect/neglect.
    - Someone who does not depend on me or others for all of their fun. Knows how to entertain herself too.
    - Neediness is not needed.
    - Someone who ignores me or takes me for granted.
    - Someone who takes what I say and understands it differently than the way I meant it. Reads into things too much.

    V. Deal Breakers:

    - Bad hygiene. lol
    - Croc sandals.
    - And hippies..-.-.
    (Just kidding) lol

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    Nice thread idea, @BlackCat

    1. Your gender: Female
    2. Must haves:
    • Open-minded and accepting/caring of people from all walks of life.
    • A strong desire to grow/learn/better themselves.
    • Adventurous, and enjoys both initiating something adventurous, and following along with my adventures
    • Compatible sex drive (Shouldn't we just assume this is a must for all SPs though? )
    • Active/exercises and/or generally just takes care of their body/health. People that trash their bodies (all the time, at least) aren't attractive to me.
    • Has their own hobbies/interests they would enjoy sharing with me if I took an interest (and vice versa)
    • Someone I can generally laugh and have fun with
    • Someone with depth and enjoys the occasional deep conversation. Someone interested in who I am, and what I have to say (and vice versa, of course)

    3. Would likes:
    • Be able to adjust and enjoy themselves to most settings -- whether chilling out at home, going out to have a crazy night, be able to hang out with any type of crowd
    • Someone able to pull me out of my shell when I disappear into introvert land -- so probably someone a little more extroverted than I am
    • Someone assertive, and able to handle conflicts well

    4. Would rather not have:
    • Smoker
    • Pot head
    • Argumentative/confrontational
    • Someone overly sensitive or easily offended
    • Someone who wants to have TOO many serious/deep conversations

    5. Deal Breakers:
    • Really negative and/or judgmental
    • Has a strong, unhealthy addiction of any kind and is unwilling to work on it
    • Excessively shallow and/or materialistic
    • Narcissistic
    I have an inner monologue that sounds strikingly similar to something off Animal Planet.

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    1. I'm female
    2. Must haves: Have to have a good time with them. Compatible sex drive. Medium sociability. Able to try new things easily. Supportive of my efforts. Attractive to me. We both would be financially independent from one another.

    3. Would like: him to be non judgemental about casual marijuana use. Athletic lifestyle is a +. Someone who can get along with my friends isn't necessary but a bonus.

    4. Would rather not have and Deal Breakers are the same to me: someone extremely money/status driven. Drug user (other than casual mj use) Cigarette smoker. Heavy drinker ( getting shitfaced every weekend). Superficial values.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MDP2525 View Post
    3. Would like: him to be non judgemental about casual marijuana use. Athletic lifestyle is a +.

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    ^ haha! Yes!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackCat View Post
    1. My Gender- Male.

    2. Must haves-
    • MUST be smart! I have a hard time being friends with people who are your Average Joe, and I expect for someone I'm in a relationship with to be able to carry on a good conversation and hold their own.
    • Must have a sense of personal standards that they uphold for themselves. I hate feeling alienated over my opinions or having standards. I've met a surprising amount of people who really just don't give a shit; and that's not what I need, nor can I really bond with these kinds of people.
    • Must be open minded.
    • Liberal politically, as I'm pro choice, all for gay rights, and I love to spar with people over these things, but it wouldn't go down well in a relationship if we had different beliefs.
    • Must not be clingy, jaded, or let themselves get taken over by their emotions. Funnily enough these seem to be the kinds of people who fall for me.

    3. Would likes-
    • Nerdy or a gamer.
    • Somewhat spiritual, or formulated religious ideas.
    • Similar sex drive to me.

    3. Would Rather Not Have-

    • Sports fan
    • Smoker
    • Weighs more than me

    4. Dealbreakers!

    • Drugs.
    • Manipulative attitude.
    • General sense of instability.
    • No job, no future ahead of them.
    • Not wanting to change themselves for the better.
    • The opposite of my must haves generally.
    Very NF list there!

    Quote Originally Posted by BlackCat View Post
    Taking from the formula of the other thread, answer the following in four separate sections-

    1. Your gender
    2. Must haves
    3. Would likes
    4. Would rather not have
    5. Deal Breakers
    Wait, so 5 different things in four separate sections? This is like one of those algebra problems I used to hate in school. I had to follow two different links to find out what this was really about, but here goes...

    1. Rap (if you don't get that joke, search for the Weird Al Eminem interview on Youtube.)

    2. A pulse, sense of humor, a moral code that forbids killing or abusing people

    3. Cash money, cooking skills, nice smile, curves, likes to laugh, likes to travel, likes kids, affectionate, enjoys oldies music

    4. Contagious diseases, drug/alcohol abuse habits, inability to control the volume of her voice, constant profanity, frequent shedding of skin/hair, bad taste in music

    5. Having a plan to poison me in my sleep, stalker ex-boyfriend/husband, current husband, constant need to scream "THE FERRETS ARE COMING" at the top of her lungs, always covered in insects, member of the Obama campaign
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