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    The one I am dating is -incredibly- charming. He just sweeps me off my feet lol I'm a bit head over heels with him. He can be a bit blunt sometimes, but he has such a good heart His actions speak louder than anything, and even those are completely charming. We both had a little bit of a stumble trying to read each other because we see things so differently, but we both make a great effort in understanding each other and doing things for each other that we know the other values. I find his effort to understand me and love me in his own way so charming too.

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    Yeah I'll be honest. Here's my two cents. I couldn't understand why ESTP's were always so popular. They always reached a demi-god status of popularity wherever they went. I didn't trust extroverted sensing since it's my 7th function. I think Myers-Brigg give my a better perspective on why they're usually well-liked by people. They are people who take a liken to extroverted sensing better than myself.

    I noticed how ESTP's 8th function is Ne. Ne asks what does this mean? The 8th function is usually known as the devil function. It's a function not usually well-liked. What I see in ESTP's popularity would if an INTP got popular through Ne philosophy lectures at the school ground which would baffled ESTP's.

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    Only on Tuesdays.
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    My instinct is to pull-Hard-away from ESTPs, to feel a very Uncomfortable and rocky edge with them.

    I think that we have an EXTREMELY SIMILAR sense of SELF - in the way that we embrace our Self in the world. We should be fast friends. !!
    But, from MY POINT OF VIEW, we express ourselves in a way that I find incongruous..
    perhaps my massive Introversion plagues me of understanding ESTPs......
    Sometimes I feel that ESTPs and ISTPs have the EXACT SAME view of reality - and we almost interpret it together, FRUSTRATINGLY CLOSE, but significantly AJAR enough to make tension.

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