I'm not an STP, but nobody cares / deal with it.

My dad is a very hard one to type. I can definitely see Fe, but it's way down there; he takes things to heart, but you'll never see it. Get him in good company and he'll start laughing, joking and generally becomes warm towards everyone (apart from those he doesn't like).

Also, he can strip down and rebuild a motorbike blindfolded with one hand tied behind his back. He loves buying knackered old motorbikes from eBay, restoring them over the Winter months so he can ride them come Spring. Which brings me to my next point - he's a biker through and through, and has been since as long as he could legally ride (although he did illegally, too. It was the 70s... so what?!)

He also has this side to him which, as far as I know, only I have seen. I offhandedly mentioned the ancient aliens theory to him once (hey - it's interesting!) and he suddenly revealed some incredible insights into the field... which he'd known since way back in the 70s. So here he is with some 'intuitive' (aka airhead ) knowledge that he never shares. Even my mum doesn't know this side of him. The guy is -deep-.

I think he may be an ISTP.