My boyfriend's an ENFP!

We have so much fun together...he keeps me light, I weight him down so we have this middle ground. It's awesome. He's like sunshine
He must be a bit different than normal ENFP's though because he is the one that actively talks about romance and emotions and always wants to make sure I'm doing okay then wonders what he could do better in our relationship.

He seems to be intrigued with how mysterious I am. I keep things to myself normally, but I like how he asks specific things to get to know me better unlike many people. We're a great match (not to brag or anything, hehe.) He is one of the very few people I feel like I can come out of my shell completely for because he's so accepting. I'm not very good at telling him how much I adore what he does for me though which annoys him sometimes. I speak with my actions.

PS - I'd be happy to be your friend