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    I have very little talent.. Unless you count being stubborn as a talent.

    Everything I have ever done well, I have done only out of sheer practice.
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    When you practice certain body movements a few times whether it's technique or action they come naturally after without you having to think about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Halla74 View Post
    THIS. +1!!

    In general, I have very fast reflexes.
    If I drop anything, or if anyone near me drops something, I catch it a majority of the time, and not with alot of effort.
    It's almost like a game at this point.
    Last night I was making myself a drink and a piece of ice fell out of the ice tray and started falling toward the floor.
    I cannot bend forward at the waist since I just had a spinal fusion surgery on October 12th.
    So, using my age old soccer skills, I tapped the ice cube upward off the tow of my sneaker and caught it with my hand as it was in the air above my waist.
    I didn't even flinch.
    I tossed the ice cub in the sink and looked at my wife.
    She smiled, shook her head and said "Dear God, you didn't even think about that!" and walked away chuckling.

    As Jenaphor said, alot of this is adrenaline driven.
    I happen to be a person of massive adrenaline output.
    Part of this phenomena is simply "motivation." Do you care if what you drop hits the floor? If you don't then it will fall. If you do, you will try to catch it.
    Another part of such phenomena is indeed skill, because anything that you put concentrated, repeated effort into becomes less a facet of luck, and more a facet of skill over time, IMHO.
    Can you get lucky even if you are skilled? YES.
    Can people who are not skilled get lucky? YES.
    But, on any given day, I'd rather be a person who is well trained and well prepared to deal with what comes my way, rather than someone who expects Lady Luck to be the keeper of their well being.
    So cool! Great explanation btw.
    I think it sounds like a Se thing.

    I'm usually like:
    ''Will it hurt my foot?''--->''Can I still reach it?''--->''Should I reach it?''->Action

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    Quote Originally Posted by KDude View Post

    I was just wondering when any of you pull off something physically smooth, would you chalk it up to practice or technique?
    Generally, I don't especially enjoy the first time I do anything. I really love all the times after that because I have an idea of how I can do it better, faster, what steps I can discard. That is where things get fun.

    MacGuffin What I have read is you focus on what you have to do ("Drive between the jackknifed truck and guardrail") and do not think about the failure ("Don't hit the truck!").
    This is pretty accurate. Failure is known just not dwelled on.

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