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    Quote Originally Posted by phobik View Post
    This can be tricky. In some industries, like the IT, where outsourcing is the word of the day, usually under the umbrella of fake consultancy companies, that simply take the social burden out of big corps, projects are often won on the price cut that results from the manager squeezing in unrealistic work hours, the team then has to deliver. And if someone isn't up for it there's a dozen more willing to take his/her place.

    That's nasty. Eek.

    My S.O. does work extra hours at night sometimes, but then he sleeps in the next morning, and goes in late. He doesn't expect anymore than that from anyone else, either. If something big happens, like a move, everyone has to work more, but that's not the general occurrence.

    He is always the manager that is negotiating more slack for everyone lol......He complains about the istj's who are constantly bending-over and getting upset over every-little-thing.

    He does set "deadlines", to keep everyone on track, per the norm, but none of the programmers ever reach them lol..... These programmers do not even come into the office; they work from home, and they cannot easily be replaced. They have alot of experience with the product, and it's a gigantic piece of software that is maintained by them, with new mods being written to it constantly.

    The company I speak of does have other projects going on, where programming is outsourced, but these dorks just spent several years on a project, only to find that the finished product does not run. lmfao. In order to get it to run, it would take several years of work done by experienced American programmers on this team. So, I think at least a few companies are figuring out that 25 cheap monkeys does not 1 expensive, experienced genius make...... The tides are turning for this company, anyways.
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    TY for the advice, everyone! TY especially for the concrete examples, Alex! I'll be using the magikwhiteboardmarker strategy, undoubtedly!

    (And I'd welcome any more points of view or anecdotes from others.!)
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    I'm an NT (INTP to be exact), but I'd say getting ahead is part what you know, who you know and how well you can do it.

    Get allies in your own department and others who can vouch your case. This is key in internal promotions, since people choose people they nkow over those who they don't.

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    The skills that generally get me noticed in a work place are:

    -Ability to be a leader. Awareness of surroundings. I look for areas that can be improved and improve them. I consistently look for areas that need work, and I work at them; or if put in a position where I see multiple areas requiring work that need to be done at the same time, I delegate. I also prove my competence in my job/skill. I take pride in my work. Working as a team. I assist others with their work or with their questions regarding work. I take the time to show new people the ropes without being asked. I often do a lot of work that isn't asked of me, but is certainly needed. Initiative. Being a self starter. I bring my ideas or concerns to management. I work hard, but I also play hard. I think Se types are naturally gifted at bringing play to work. Organization/time management: knowing what is most important, and what can be put off. Making use of down time.
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    My advice is simple. Don't play games, be damn good at what you do and show it through work. Has always worked for me. Every job I have had I have moved up pretty quickly and and have had positions created and rules bent for me. I have nothing else as I refuse to play beauracracy crap. Hell, I am known to ignore and put off requests from my director, so I am far from a suck up. I basically become the expert.

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    So true, the way I position myself is I remember to make eye contact and pay attention to their body language when people praise how long I worked on something or for being outgoing and approachable after having seen person after person exhibit radical changes and poof, talk about work, work, work, and fitting in at work to the point nearly everyone they come in contact with eventually rolls their eyes or tells the person to leave work at work.

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    what kind of problems do you have?
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