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Thread: ISTP rebels

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mae View Post
    I don't rebel on purpose. I just do want I want. If others have a problem with it, that's not my fault.
    I say this as well, like xisnot said, as this may or may not involve rebelling against society, but even if it does, ISTPs don't give a crap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riva View Post
    ISTPs - Need a reason to break the rules. (Ni)
    INTPs - breaking the rule is the reason to break the rule. (Ne)
    I'm INTP and my husband is ISTP, and I almost agree with this. Almost.

    My husband have very strong moral principles (or wherever these ideas/obsessions come from) and if they are violated he becomes furious. If people don't follow traffic rules etc.

    For myself, I think it's a bit unfair to say that I break rules for the sake of breaking them. I just don't care much for rules. Or routines.
    On one hand I appreciate systems, processes that run smoothly. Like traffic - when everyone is following the rules.
    And on the other hand I can definitely feel the urge to break rules in a very flagrant and visible way, just to demonstrate that I bloody well don't care...
    (Fortunately seldom in traffic, but more on a personal level...).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Giggly View Post
    Are ISTPs ninja rebels?

    Are they always rebelling without anyone really knowing or realizing it or is that INTPs?

    Seems like an ISTP/ESTP thing only with ESTPs rebellion is less subtle since ESTPs rarely hesitate to ask aggressive individuals who try to shove the everybody else is doing it thing down their throats how do I know that? and send them packing

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    When I was younger, most of my rebellion was directed towards the adult world, but most of it since 17ish or so is rebellious in general, I guess. I'm not really down with a lot of peer activities/interests in the same way I would have told a school principal off. It's about rebellion in some cliché "bad" way, but just rebellious against everything I find stupid. Even if the people are technically "cooler" or "younger" than me. I'd rather just call myself a critic, I guess. Not a rebel.

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