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    Dom Fi would be the dreamy factor don't ya'll think? We do manifest similar expressions of functions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OrangeAppled View Post
    That's your interpretation of it. The Se type is also described as making an art out of everyday living, finding fresh "facts", seeking novel experience, showing a high curiosity about objects, etc. I see the exact opposite of someone who is doing good if they manage to keep breathing, but instead someone who takes things as simple as breathing & makes them interesting, an experience in itself.

    I think IxxPs mistype as Ns because Ji is somewhat misrepresented. ISFPs are first and foremost Fi types.

    My point here is that ISFPs are not "more N" than INFPs because they have tertiary Ni and INFPs have tertiary Si. The traits of the aux function are far more defining.
    Those descriptions seem to be describing ESxPs and ENxPs but some of these things will still show up in the differences between INFPs and ISFPs. There are cases though when then the tertiary will show up pretty strongly to the point of visibility and that could throw off people who don't know the difference between Ne/Si and Se/Ni.

    Also, even with my bias goggles off, there's still a slightly more positive favor shown for the Ne description than for Se. The positive qualities for Se need to be more emphasized, like "Kick-butt at taking action at just the right moment to shape situations immediately, and takes in expereinces with richness unparalleled" and emphasize the drawback of Ne moving on to the next project and leaving the previous 25 million unfinished. They also exaggerate too much (though Se types might exaggerate in their own way as well....)

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    Quote Originally Posted by highlander View Post
    My perception is that both INFPs and ISFPs are people who are sensitive, idealistic, and romantic. ISFPs are more connected to everyday reality whereas INFPs are more in their heads. Both seem to have this empathetic quality about them. ISFPs are more physical and do little spontaneous things to show that they care. INFPs seem to be more intellectual, deeper thinkers and more insightful. What strikes me about both is that while they are deeply emotional types, they are not always able to easily express what they are feeling. I think it can also be very hard to understand both of them at times. I guess ISFPs do seem more N'ish (NFish to be exact) than the other S types come to think of it. Maybe it has to do with the combination of Fi and Ni in their top 3 functions.
    Yeah I agree with this.

    And I love ISFPs!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cascadeco View Post
    Only my opinion of course and there's a whole spectrum within type..... but one thing I have noticed with INFP's I know irl is that they seem to be more particular, and prone to routine than ISFP's - i.e. liking to go and do the same things without tiring of it, and liking things done in certain ways, even if they don't verbalize that preference. It's like, you know that preference is there. So in that sense ISFP's I think come across more laid back and in some ways, more experimental/open/flexible to change in their lives.
    I feel you've captured a big part of me in this post. I'm very go with the flow but there's always this internal resistance to new activities purely for novelty's sake. Even within repeated activities, I find a newness quite often. To a greater extent than most people I know, I find the routine as an opportunity to delve into an experience from different angles. I resisted this side of myself for most of my life and felt greatly conflicted for many years.

    A big part of finding some personal satisfaction is crafting my own routine according to my own moral code, tastes, etc. In the military having a rigid routine imposed on me was a personal hell. Being on my own and shaping a life to my own preferences is a slice of heaven. I'm aware that I'm prone to ruts and find random sensor types to be very complementary, in limited doses. As I experience new and awesome things, there's always a piece of me trying to find the best bits to implement into a routine. I rarely lack for a feeling of newness in each day, which is a blessing and a curse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrystalViolet View Post
    INFP's don't require changes in Physical environment so much, we are more inclined to philosophical change, the stimulus of New theories etc, or at least I am. INFP are more about independence of thought....ISFP's are about independence of expression and voice. It's much more tangible and obvious.
    I think thats a very good description of the differences. When it comes to the physical world, I'll do a lot of initial experimentation to find what I like, but once I reach a result I'm happy with (or find a favorite food etc), I do tend to stick to it for quite a while. The one specific area where I'm extremely fixed in my ways is placement of furniture. If you want to irritate me, then moving furniture (even a couple inches off) will do it. If I happen to get a new piece of furniture (or replace an old one) however, then I can spend days re-arranging things and tweaking until I find a configuration thats "just right" for me and then I'll stick with that until I have a good reason to change it again. I'm usually open to trying new physical expereinces if someone else suggests it and I'll usually enjoy it, but I can go a long time without it too (the fact that I don't tend to activly seek out new physical expereinces on my own very often leads to an impression that I'm set in my ways, but they usually don't realize that its usually very easy to convince me to try new things). However, If I go too long without mental stimulation, thats when I get really bored and restless (fortunatly my hobbies do a good job of satisfying that need most of the time). Even if I'm not bored, I enjoy coming up with ideas and trying to get others to discuss them, I think thats the Ne equivalent to Se wanting to try new things.
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