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    Default What do you love most about being an ESTP?

    feel free to add love for your enneagram
    Security is mostly a superstition; it does not exist in nature. Life is either a daring adventure- or nothing.

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    The thing I love most about being an ESTP is that I get to choose which perspective to relish and enjoy every moment of my life, and that somehow, my dreams become my reality if I just fixate on them and pursue them freely and openly in my daily life. I am hardly ever "depressed", I never lack energy, I am of endless optimism, and I have a sincere love of life and of people that allows me to become a living catalyst for action when a participating as a member of a group of people. My Enneagram of 7w8 adds the right belnd of seriousness to my natural tomfoolery, and allows me to be driven and motivated, yet have a blast doing it. I am very thankful for both my MBTI and Enneagram types, as all people should be for theirs. We all have our talents and limitations, bu together we can accomplish anything.

    Type Stats:
    MBTI -> (E) 77.14% | (i) 22.86% ; (S) 60% | (n) 40% ; (T) 72.22% | (f) 27.78% ; (P) 51.43% | (j) 48.57%
    BIG 5 -> Extroversion 77% ; Accommodation 60% ; Orderliness 62% ; Emotional Stability 64% ; Open Mindedness 74%

    "If somebody asks your MBTI type on a first date, run". -Donna Cecilia
    "Enneagram is psychological underpinnings. Cognitive Functions are mental reasoning and perceptional processes. -Sanjuro

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    my attention span is too short to really be upset about anything

    I really know how to make any situation lots of fun... and to drag others along with me so that they're having fun even if they normally would not

    that I can be as creative and random as I want to be, but if someone challenges me I have enough awareness to cut them down at the floor without batting an eye... basically, I can get away with a lot of shit

    I see awesome things everywhere and meet a lot of cool people every day... just being open to the awesomeness of everything is great!

    enthusiasm is something that, if you criticise it, you look like a total jackass

    if I actually yell at someone they are SHOCKED! :horor:
    “The phrase 'Someone ought to do something' was not, by itself, a helpful one. People who used it never added the rider 'and that someone is me'.” - Terry Pratchett

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