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    Any Se type is probably going to care about fashion or presentation somewhat, even if in the back in their mind. In the Jungian sense, Se considers the worth of objects from an extrospective/impactful point of view. In a way, they see things the way they think things are meant to be seen, or how a majority sees them. He described them as sort of seeing things through the lens of the "present age". In terms of their presentation, they might be "trendy". This would be the most beneficial approach for them, in getting what they want. The Se dominants especially. He contrasted Si and Ni as being more personal or timeless and even confused in how they presented themselves.

    Introverted judgement is contrasted as an attitude that scrutinzes and judges the external objects first. So they're not trendy exactly. Yet they're not unconsciously seeing things differently than Se either. They see many of the same opportunities, but judge it more often. Even still, their second function still wants to be relevant and part of the environment somehow. They'll just offer their own take on things. Maybe a bigger emphasis on personal comfort or expression, but with the hopes that it might have some actual effect. They wouldn't mind being seen as cool, or maybe they're artists and want people to follow their advice (and start trends themselves.. which might be the case with a lot of ISFPs more than ISTPs).

    If they don't care at all, it'd more than likely be a conscious choice. Which.... is how I am today. When I was in highschool, I cared more. I didn't have any money, but I remember borrowing a lot of clothes then -- and I knew what I probably should borrow. And I knew what I had myself wasn't good enough. I knew what would make me look like a geek if I walked into a room. I'm not that stupid. Nowadays I just don't give a shit, but I still know. I'm too aware of what's going on to be truly careless.

    edit: Damn, I must be bored. This was too long.

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    I think that the main difference between male and female ISTPs is that the characteristics of us are predominantly masculine so the majority of people are a little confronted (?) by females who show the same traits and of course the sexism and double standards in society (sorry I get easily ticked off by this) makes it worse. So, as to not be completely isolated from most girls, us female ISTPs have to tone down some characteristics.
    I, personally, am lost when it comes to how to maintain my personality because not only do I have no other ISTPs around me, but my mother is typically feminine and likes to force make up and societal restrictions onto me. It does sort of make it hard to actually identify ISTPs when all of our traits are lost because of their typical manly connotations.
    Sorry, I like a good rant.

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    I don't think ISTP characteristics are inherently masculine.
    I think that many ISTP tend to exaggerate their masculine traits; because classical masculinity is culturally tied to Independence and Practicality, which we crave.

    ISTPs have a tendency to easily disregard any data that doesn't suit our needs.
    So very often, an ISTP's vision of themself is idealistic.

    I believe that ISTPs 'masculinity' is more a product of our culture's preoccupation with masculinity, rather than an inherent ISTP masculinity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StephMC View Post
    On a sort of unrelated note, I probably figured out I was an ISTP as opposed to INTP so quickly when I picked up Meyer's Briggs because of the INTP I dated in college. When we worked on math or physics stuff together, our approach was pretty night and day. We both liked the subject, but for really different reasons. And we focused on really different parts.
    Just curious, what was the INTP focusing on and what different reasons did he have for liking math/physics?

    To make this more relevant to the OP, I would guess that it's less common for female ISTPs to be handy than males, but I really think it just comes to how they were raised and the environment they were in. If you felt more pressure to be feminine, you'd probably be more feminine. If you felt more pressure to be masculine, you'd probably be more masculine. Really, I'd guess a good 90% of male/female differences is due to that.
    Idk.. I never felt any pressure to be feminine or masculine. I'm pretty blind to these sorts of societal expectations.

    Quote Originally Posted by KDude View Post
    I think INTPs try to perfect mental models in order understand something. ISTPs focus on what's more pertinent for the moment or be prone to risk. This is from Socionics, but I thought it was accurate. It's "Gulenko's Cognitive Styles". Many INTPs would fall under the "Holographic/Panoramic" cognitive style, I think.

    Most ISTPs on the other hand would be "Vortical-Synthetic":
    You got this wrong. Either equate INTP with LII and ISTP with LSI or INTP with ILI and ISTP with SLI. You can't just mix shit like above.

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