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    Quote Originally Posted by Illmatic View Post
    Aight so you're walking somewhere (can be anywhere) and as you're walking some fool you've never met screams out something at you (can be anything) to try and insult you. What are you going to do? Just gonna ignore them and keep walking or say something back?
    Illmatic, I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to insult you, i just REALLY needed directions to the bathroom. Next time I'll try not to scream so loud.
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    If on foot and some random person randomly started yelling at me: I would ignore, and put my hand into physical contact with my knife and consider a safer route to get where I want to go. In a car with my dad I worry about him turning all road rage. If someone gets mad at me while driving and flips me off: I may start laughing and will wave, or just give them a puzzled look, or ignore. Besides considering my own safety, and the people I'm with, I don't care if some random blowhard gets upset. It's a total waste of time, and way too much stress.

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