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    well me. I try to use a little logic. If a mafucka is bigger than me and obviously he can do damage to me, i play it off. If it's my friend then i try be honest, gotta help them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orangey View Post
    Sometimes the ISFP is so passive at first that I don't notice that anything emotional has transpired at all, but then a little later everything starts to seep out. .
    Oh yeah. I've been blindsided. I usually hear from other people that the ISFP is upset about something that happened three days ago and I just blow it off thinking she'll get over it but that's when the tit-for-tat comes in. Ends up pushing me into a confrontation, IMO. I'm not the easiest person to be around or approach sometimes but oh well. That's not my problem.

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    Great to read this thread. Yeah, I can relate to that passive-aggressiveness. It' seems like 1 way an ISFP deals with a confrontation. It may not be ideal, but we know that, sometimes, but we're not sure how to deal with confrontation too often. I remember growing up with 3 older brothers, 1 being an ISTP and we usually got along great, but there were a few times we had it out in our teenage years, usually I would take something personal and than blow up on him a week later whereas he usually already forgot about it or didn't know what the hell was wrong with me/why I was pissed off all of a sudden.

    Simple terms: We don't know how to discern what true confrontation is, and also how to correctly deal with it. Typically.....
    "Calling unprotected girls, Infected girls do it better"-Electric Six lmaoooooooooooooooo

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    I sometimes wonder whether I'm passive aggressive or just a calm pain in the ass when annoyed. I don't like losing myself when angry so my anger is often on a slow boil. Not always, sometimes it just boils over, but even then I'm quick to drop the heat.

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