Hey felas! I'm a 22 year old ENTP I have a brother (18) that is a clear ESTP.
We are sons of an ENFX father and a ESTJ mom. This as you can probably forsee loads of fun for a household, we have all of the 4 types clustered together each "filling" each others gaps.

Me and my brother allways have been partners in crime since we were small. He'd be my sidekick for every adventure we did but as we got older I guess his "STPness" florished and became more and more aparent.

He loves being knowned by everyone but not nessesarily the center of atention (wich he often is), he has this "miscievous" nuance to his acts and has an extremely short tempered, and I as his brother noticed that he slowly became "detached" and went on trying things that were "prohibited" acording to our family rules (smoking, not going to church... such and such) he fought for his ideals and eventualy came to an angrement (throught months of fighting).

My question is, is this "detachment" a caractheristic of ESTP's? or is it a general trait?