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    your family - the reasonably "normal", or the "bat-shnicky" ones?

    your friends you know well - the invisible "shield" goes down.

    strangers - I get oddly boisterous and talkative or simply ignore them.

    friends (not really close with just friends) - acquaintences make me tired...seems a pointless waste of oxygen and energy

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    Family: Comfortable and talkative enough, but not chatty... I keep somewhat reserved as my family is much more "proper" than I am. We don't have a ton in common, but I still get along well with the family and enjoy their company for the most part (we're all pretty non-confrontational with each other). Home is safe.

    Friends I know well: I'm usually somewhat goofy and can be pretty talkative. It just depends on my mood/energy level.

    Strangers: Fuck off.

    Acquaintances: Just depends. Usually I try to keep it brief and to the point with these people. I'm not very chatty with people I'm not close to and don't have much in common with, and I'm usually not hell bent on making a bunch of new friends wherever I go. Close friendships just sort of happen over time with certain individuals and it's not forced. I never got off on "knowing a lot of people". Doesn't matter/appeal to me.

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    Family: Mostly i am quiet and keep to myself. We have very little in common and they are mostly Is so they give me space. My mum is an ENTJ and mostly I want to kill her. Sometimes i will entertain them all with my wit and stories. But mostly i can't even be bothered with them.

    Friends: i do stuff with my friends. Im not good at mindless drivel. Mostly i see them to do sport with. Im generally funny and a bit of a goof around friends. Although sometimes if im not in the mood ill be quiet.

    Same as what the others have said if i dont like someone i basically just pretend they dont even exist. I always make an effort to say stuff to people i actually like. But they have to bring something to the table. I have no time for boring people.

    Strangers: I have to be in the mood to give strangers a fair trial. But mostly im reserved and aloof and hang back until i can size them up. Then if i like them i will probably make some inappropriate comments in front of them. If i dont like them i will rapidly move on and probably never speak to them again.

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    family: With my immediate family I act like a smart ass and I'm usually pretty moody. With my extended family I am pretty quiet and reserved, only speaking when spoken to.

    friends I know well: With friends I know well I am usually comfortable, I am usually more quiet than some of my other friends.

    strangers: I am usually pretty polite to strangers. I only start up conversations with them if I'm in the mood though.

    friends you don't know well: I am usually pretty boring and I don't talk that much, if I am around people I know well I tend to talk more.

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