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    Default Seen this by "Dr. Lovegood?"

    Women And Romance PT.II


    Makes us look like stupid sluts IMO. I'm not thrilled.

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    Hmmm. I agree with the novelty thing. I like spontaneity. I find it more sincere. More real.

    The description does make it seem like we don't care about the other person and we're humping our couches at home when they're not there to service us, doesn't it? Which is totally bogus. The people I care about delight and interest me, and they're a huge part of what I enjoy about life.

    I have to agree that it does feel better if treated like a project or game, though--that's how I like most things in my life: 'Here I am. Deal with me.' You can improve your actions, keep on your toes, notice things about the other person, feel a rush, and get excited about things. That's not to say that I belittle the importance of relationships;
    it's not a flippancy. I understand the seriousness of dealing with other people's emotions. We simply like exciting. It's just how I work at or approach things.

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