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    Quote Originally Posted by fragrance View Post
    Oh my... see I wasn't even laughing, but smirking. And I was smirking while I was surfing the internet on my laptop, though I was smirking because, as I said, I was thinking of some funny stuff.

    And it really surprised me how she interpreted my smirking as making fun of her. The reason could have been something funny on the internet as well, or because of something that was said by someone else in the group.

    Why didn't the others think I was making fun of them? They probably didn't even notice I was smirking (no extraverted sensing there), but she noticed! Although I was almost out of her sight, but in full view of the others in the group.
    You're way overanalyzing a simple social encounter. Lets go with the "they're huskies" theory. Throw her a boner.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Colors View Post
    Yeah, basically agree with Satine/Randomnity.

    1. She was okay with being friends when you were in the same course, but she's not *that* attached to you.


    2. She's totally flaky (I totally am too), and is distracted by something else. Personally, messages like "What's up" don't motivate me to answer ASAP. If you want to meet up: make a date, or a plan or something. In other words, something that requires a response. I don't text/email/whatever chit-chat.
    I'm gonna go with # 2. I'm like that.

    Quote Originally Posted by fragrance View Post
    I think this only looks as if I'm romantically interested because the thread got so long and people keep pushing it into the "romantic" direction. It's as if people want to see a soap opera happen.
    Hey, we all know boys and girls can't be friends...right?! :rolli:

    And regarding the post about living so in the moment that you can't plan next semester... At the very least you'll know if you're in school or not. SCHOOLS plan ahead and even tho we might hate it, we have to work with them to go there.

    The other explanation is that she didn't like you as much as you thought she did (platonically, of course) and since the class is over, it's a good excuse to ax the friendship. Lord knows I've used moving to new places to stop being friends with people. I'm not good at keeping in touch with people anyway. Even when we're all on FB all the time.

    Weird that is sounds, I usually think people do things (or don't do them) because of me (incredibly narcissistic, eh?)...and most of the time it's something completely different. Any number of things could have happened. *shrug*

    At this point, I'd wait to run into her again to test the waters. If it seems like a good idea, try to make some plans.

    There are my 2 cents.
    I think I'm an ISTP.

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