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    Quote Originally Posted by INTPness View Post
    OK, continue. Need. More. Info.
    Is that NT sarcasm there? Very amusing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by INTPness View Post
    So I think I've met an ISTP female for the first time (co-worker). She's a trip. Reminds me a lot of myself actually. Just like the male ISTP's I've known, she gives off this vibe of "leave me the heck alone". It seriously seems like she doesn't want anyone to talk to her. That's cool with me cuz I can be the same way, but sometimes I have to go ask her for things. And she acts all bothered and gives short answers. I understand that, but yeah, we still have to work together. Sometimes I will need to talk to you.

    What's really going on in your heads when you're busy working on something and someone interrupts you because they need to talk to you? Does it just "seem" like you're mad or are you really agitated? What's the best way to deal with you in these situations - where I will continually need to ask you for things - like, a few times a week?
    Well, we are world-renowned as the worst communicators, since our Fe is inferior and our T and I functions are both introverted. I believe that the cause of the sudden anger, which i get, is caused by snapping me out of a Ti/Ni loop when i am working, particularly if i am alone at the moment. It's normal, and trust me, the worst thing you can do is point it out, we hate that.

    Also, it may help to approach, then wait for a few seconds until she asks what you want, instead of just directly "ambushing" her with the question.

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    It's been 3 years, I'm gonna guess he's figured her out by now
    -end of thread-

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