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    Default ISTPs with strong Ni

    I dunno, the thought just came to my mind when i was reading over descriptions of ISTPs. I was seeking answers to the question of how ISTPs use a well-developed Ni. Unfortunately, I couldn't find enough information.. any ISTPs willing to help out?

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    The best simple definition of Ni I've seen is that it's a sense of how things will play out.

    I'm rather skeptical about the whole concept of functions, but I do notice myself occaisionally coming to understandings such as "this all fits together like this (Ti) and if X changes then something will change and this is what it will look like.

    I mostly use this process as visualization of the future. It's just an idea in my head that I work toward. A large part of my personal growth and motivation comes from this type of visualization and keeping that picture in mind - it's easy for me to forget about it when my regular "analyze and observe" process is running the show.
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    It draws us to odder than normal topics, as an INTP likely would.

    Except we get to retain preference for Se. Which.... pretty much makes us unstoppable.

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    Lot's of people have accused me of being in a TiNi loop, and if you want to see if they are right, just check out the links in my signature - the content reflects my thought processes.

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    In it's most common sense (to me), it's just a quick shift in course.. a sort of "Oh shit!" switch, that makes me cover my tracks ahead of time. A perception of future development, but not something informed by Se exactly.

    Just to illustrate, if you see a scene in a crime movie where a robber dispenses of a gun in a good way where it's bound to not be found, or sets up an obstacle to prevent pursuit - even if he hasn't seen his pursuers.. something that helps you take care of a problem before it gets worse. It's hard to describe.. I think any SPs will know the gist of what I mean though.

    That description floating around of "gut feeling" in SPs kind of describes the understated nature of it, but I don't think it's necessarily from the "gut". More like a flash of insight. I think my philosophical side is still mostly judgement based, rather than perception based. If I get too caught up in perception, I personally don't think I'm stable. It's like Mel Gibson in Conspiracy Theory. lol. My Ti side doesn't tolerate that shit.. I want to slap myself out of it sometimes. It's too irrational. In one book, I read that ESP's Ni can come in the form paranoid jealousy.. like some sudden thought that your girlfriend is sleeping around, just because she didn't show up at time. Prolonged ISP ni wouldn't be much better off. If I was a strong Ni user, I would be an INTJ or INFJ. But I'm not.

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    @KDude. Flash of insight is very accurate. Also, I think you are right on with Ni heavy ISTP's. I can't see how this wouldn't become a negative paranoia rather than something more similar to INFJ/INTJ. It's just not something that would come very naturally to use and whatever circumstances the use would be - would be from a hampered Se. Not healthy at all.

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