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    I'm very pragmatic about my experience. At work, say the customer's met needs are my goal. I fully expect everything up to that end to fall into place, even if I have to pry at the systems involved to make what I expect happen. I size up what details need the most attention and count on the ones I don't have time for to be the ones that can be resolved easily. This doesn't always work in my favor, but I understand that - my style of operation is a gamble. It allows me to diversify my presence to the utmost, to increase the number of opportunities I may capitalize on.

    I'm also this way in games. I enjoy high risk, high reward style gameplay - I remember completely ignoring objectives in Halo matches just so I could hijack banshees out of the sky. In Bad Company 2 my favorite weapon was the revolver, it only had six shots but scoring two kills firing from the hip like Wyatt Earp was more rewarding than anything else the game had to offer. In Red Dead Redemption, when everyone used auto-aim, I was the moron using free-aim. But the style of kill was advertised, and I liked seeing "jontherobot killed XXXX with Free Aim" (or whatever it said).

    I just... don't like effective. I like flair and skill. Is that anything like a gamble?

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    Yes, but calculated risk. I think Kersey even associated misdiagnosed bipolar disorder with SPs.

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    I dont like to gamble, but I took a risk analysis for financial planning and I scored riskier then anyone else the guy had tested.
    Im out, its been fun

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vasilisa View Post
    SPs and everyone are welcome to reply. I want to know if you recognize any signs of a gambler spirit within yourselves. This doesn't necessarily equate to frequenting casinos or anything like that. I am more interested in your relationship to taking chances, risk taking, and even to gaming or gambling if you have one. Do you feel that your intuition or a personal luckiness has helped you in situations that others would have found too risky to chance? Can you depict what your logic is like in respect to the chances you take? Even small examples of chance in daily life are encouraged for the purposes of this thread. I am especially interested in xSTPs, but all stories are appreciated.
    I've been told I'm fearless and I think I generally am. I don't gamble money I can't afford to lose but that's not even a big deal to gamble. It's not exciting for me. I like pushing my limits. I do like to take opportunities. I'm very keyed into that aspect of life. I only live once and if I see myself heading down a path I don't want to be on whether it be in my love life, occupation, home - anything - I'll start keeping my eyes open. It's passive but it's vigilant at the same time. I can divert easily. I think gratitude is important in life and I do believe your outlook - if you are thankful and concentrate on the good things - you will reap those "lucky" happenings in life.

    Basically, I tell myself I'm lucky all the time. I believe things will work out for me. Is it luck? I don't know. I think I cultivate it - send it out - and get it back. There is a fearlessness you have to have to let that happen. It doesn't mean I don't have bad days.

    You wanted an example.. ..

    I parked outside of work one day. We have a specific lot to park not to get ticketed. I wasn't going to park there because of how far it is from my work (and they never ticket you even where they say they will ) but i digressed and parked there just incase I got one that day. I left work that night to see someone had got my car. Damaged it an I immediately thought there was no way they left a note. Not only did they leave a note but there was a police report. Now, what luck right?

    Well I had already scratched the side of my door before this accident. So I got the estimate and it didn't cover the previous damage. My friend heard about it and told me he knew a friend who could fix it all for the same price as the estimate. So that's what happened. I didn't freak about getting hit. I just took it in stride and what do you know? Because of that accident I got my car completely fixed from another accident - and all done legally without lying and cheating anyone. That's just how I like to live. I knew that it's just a car - big deal. It still ran. I'm fine. Shit will work out. Patience is key. When the time is right - strike.

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