lol she sounds just like me, anyways uhm. I always hated math until I got this really good teacher and man, I loved math after that. And then I got a bad teacher! No feelings! I just hate teachers that are in the business for the paycheck! its like they just dont give a shit about you, they just see u as a tool make money off you. Anyways, I got that teacher and man I was failing hard at math. In fact I had to repeat my grade 11 functions math course because I didnt like the teacher and I felt like I didnt learn anything from her since she was so lifeless and boring. NEXT THING I KNOW is I had another teacher whos thinking process was just like my last teacher.... I passed the course but still not a good mark. I just cant stand boring people....I even had a physics teacher who was an ISFP and god damn he was an incredible teacher. Sometimes he played the trombone while I played guitar and stuff and that was the way to learn how waves worked haha.

ANYWAYS! LOL I found that the best way for me to do math was by getting away from distractions...Are you teaching her math on her desk in her room where you can find lots of books and decorated walls? Maybe changing location would be the best idea. It worked for me!