I've a very close ISTP friend who drives us all crazy because when he gets stressed about situations in his life that have evolved due to his avoiding responsibility, then he avoids it even more and gets even more stubborn about refusing to talk about it or do anything about it and just goes all ...inert. It's really hard to watch this happen to him when if he just say, looked in the local newspaper for a place to live and got himself somewhere, he wouldn't have to be constantly worrying about being kicked out and homeless because he just drifts from one friend's sofa to another!! But oh no, that'd mean contracts and signatures and other talismans of adulthood, so he'll keep paying through the nose to keep all his stuff in storage and live out of his backpack and complain about the stress he's under and keep wanting me to go out drinking with him to 'blow off steam'!!

I could strangle the guy, though I love him like a brother