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    I know Asians of all types, but the supposed Asian stereotype is IXXJ- quiet conscientious people
    MBTI Type: iNTj
    Enneagram Type: 3w4 sp/sx

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    Quote Originally Posted by hungrypossum View Post
    i started typing not really knowing what's my point or take on this, but since i have a clearer idea now, i think my question is actually how asians of any personality type cope with social pressure or to collective thinking.
    im Korean, or Korean American to be specific.

    I think there are a lot of cultural differences between different Asian ethnicities. Like I think SE Asians are more chill than most "East Asians".

    But I deal with social pressure all the time. Disapproving looks I used to get at work for smoking (in America), social pressure to work harder to make the same grade. Less acceptance of my "quirks" because im far from the typical mainstream view of "William Hung and Tila Tequila" LOL (a korean would never submit to either stereotype or be on TV playing one), bc of my ethnicity The way I deal with that is hey, im a minority in this country, so thats just the way it is. I actually hate having a "minority complex", then again, I generally don't identify with TV and movies in America either. Although discovery channel is pretty cool I must say.

    Either way, work life and play life is seperate for me, although occassionally it crosses over, esp. stress relief about similiar situation at work... Thats probably how I been sane for a while.

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    ESxP's are great people. If it wasn't for them, the invention of 2-4am at the bars/dance clubs and 50% of alcoholic drinks would not exist.

    STDs would decrease dramatically, crime rate going down, etc.

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