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    That's not a criticism, it's an astute observation!
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    Quote Originally Posted by IndyAnnaJoan View Post
    yes. i take it personally, especially when i am speaking out my opinions with people whom aren't so close to me. which is why i refrain from speaking my opinions aloud unless i'm with a close compadre whom i know for sure isn't rejecting me personally. i don't talk politics, religion, ideals, etc. with most people unless in a comfortable setting. i think this is why a lot of ISFP's will seem as though they don't take life seriously. because we hold back a lot of our views due to Fi. not to mention, sometimes because Te is less developed, we have a hard time thoroughly explaining our opinions in a clear way and have a hard time backing ourselves up in an argumentive way.
    Quote Originally Posted by IndyAnnaJoan View Post
    as much as i agree with this, my Fi isn't hurt because i feel as though i have the only valid opinion... but rather because it takes a lot for me to share in the first place, and the process of sharing leaves my Fi feeling vulnerable and insecure. i have no problem with "constructive criticism". but some people are blantly rude about another's views and opinions. it's as though, someone just thinks i'm ridiculous for thinking ___.

    ....because my Te is weak, especially when i'm not prepared, my Fi just felt hurt and he ultimately made me feel stupid.....
    Quote Originally Posted by spamtar View Post
    ISFPs are sensitive to tonality. Harsh tones can either tick them off or on the other hand place them into quiet resentment.

    "Softeners" are nice linguistic devices when harsh truths or unpleasant messages must be placed before the ISFP. Soft or gentle caressing tonality is effective (and nice and comfy) to use when applying softeners.....
    Quote Originally Posted by wolfy View Post
    I dislike any tonality that falls out of my predefined acceptable tonality ranges for said encounter. Whiny tones are always a no go zone. Harsh tones are acceptable in certain environments. Tones that are too soft in medium to harsh tonal environments bug me too. It is all about the right tone for the right occasion.
    These quotes sum it up for me.

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    I take criticism very well. Why, who says I don't? I'LL BASH THEM GOOD!!
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