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    I've done a few paintings for my house. A ton of poetry. Put together a photo book with my engagement photos and some of my poetry. I've done a lot of fliers for my seems my goofy poetry and graphic design knowledge has gotten out and people from other departments ask me to help them...

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    Quote Originally Posted by MDP2525 View Post

    ....and with my own two hands.
    Oh yeah how bout your two feet? :P

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    Iv emade custom speaker boxes, etched glass, enjoy wood working. Most of all I just enjoy doing things that I have to figure out how to do. The more I mess up the more I learn about how to do things I really wasnt trying to do. Eventually I apply it elsewhere. I hate getting to the point where I feel like I cant screw up because learning is where the fun is for me. At work I have created alot of different management systems that included wireless handheld barcode scanning systems for warehouse management, chemical management, shipping parts out for cleaning. Not really artistic, in the sense of an artist, but more of a "systems" artist. Making peoples job easier, and sadly eliminating jobs, luckily they were relocated within the company or assigned to a different task and most didnt even like the tediousness of doing what I automated anyway.

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