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Thread: ESTP Pep Talk!

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    Default ESTP Pep Talk!

    -stellar renegade
    coo-oo-ooool this madness down,
    stop it right on tiiiiime!

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    Helpful enough, but also runs under the assumption that everyone equally gives a shit. I'm always ignoring info like this. I always hate those infomercials that kind of condescendingly tell people what they're not doing right, since you're "Not lucky like this guy". And then show some before/after rags to riches story of some dude with a Ferrari and a hot blonde, and how he used to be a schmuck like everyone else. This is one area where I think Socionics is more reflective of reality, when dividing types between quadra values, rather than temperment. ESPs are Beta and Gammas who value dominant Se and being part of the social landscape, having status, bling, and status in these ways. ISPs are Alpha and Delta, who have a self interested/comfort oriented take on S. Comparing themselves to the outside doesn't register in the same ways. What they're more interested is simply fun, creativity, excitement, or convenience, as ends in themselves.

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    Doubles as an ENTP pep talk as well.
    3w4-9w1-?w6 (nearly headless nick)
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