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    Default ISTP - What is your "life task"?

    ISTPs - when you think about the one thing that you feel you constantly need to work on during life, what is it?

    As an example, for me (ENFJ) it would be to take care of my own needs better and not depend so much on my environment. I know this is completely a non-issue for ISTPs (something I admire very much!) so I'm curious to know what it is that you guys struggle with or work towards.

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    For me, I usually try to just get better at everything I do. When I'm learning a new skill I want to be the best at it. Another thing is pretty the same as you, trying to be independent and not rely on other for anything.

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    I'm not sure I have the sense of a "life task", or anything I'm particularly motivated to improve in myself. There are several large areas that I would like to improve in, and of course a million less important areas. No single thing, really.

    The things that are the most disruptive to my desired life are (roughly equally):

    1. social "anxieties" and associated cowardice, and difficulty expressing myself verbally (i.e. on the spot)
    2. procrastination and general laziness
    3. absentmindedness, forgetfulness, disorganization
    -end of thread-

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    Knowing when to assert myself in regards to core ideas and principles I care about and when to be emotionally vulnerable (this doesn't happen very often).

    Also realising that on occasion I need to say the things I normally keep to myself. Examples:

    "That's a bad idea and will probably get you hurt."

    "I love you."

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