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    Quote Originally Posted by Randomnity View Post
    If it's not fun to interact with someone, why bother? It's not that we have to be doing fun things all the time, well it doesn't hurt, but many people are enjoyable to just talk with, too. It helps if they can be supportive and trustworthy when needed, if I want to count them in with the friends that I trust, but the vast majority of the time I'm with them I don't want or need to be talking about emotional stuff, so the simpler things are more important. I guess I would try to be emotionally supportive if that ever came up, but my friends are mostly male, mostly thinkers and I suppose I'm not really a touchy feely-seeming person either, so I don't get many people confiding emotional things to me, even people I'm dating (most of the time). I think most people really don't have serious emotional problems that need talking out very often, anyway. Minor things are usually more easily solved by improving your mood (fun stuff) than by dwelling over it anyway.

    I really don't need or want full-on NF emotional support very often if at all, and I'm not very good at giving it either, so I tend to not be close friends with people who need that interaction. So everyone's happy.
    Was going to say something pretty similar, but... Yeah, this covers it pretty good. I lucked into a very ENTJish wife, too. I sometimes think the most emotionally needy being in the house is the cat. I think the closest I come to Profound Emotional Disclosure with some of my current friends is when we admit to doing stupid things and laughing at one another.

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    ISTPs are so kewl!

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