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    I'm not quite sure what you're asking, but all I want to say is that I think that ESTPs are the most awesome-est people in the world and I love them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pettycure View Post
    ...remarking that some guy is strange is cause to slap a "judgemental" a label on someone?

    Just because we don't believe in micromanaging peoples lives doesn't mean we're all cuddly and accepting of everyone as a unique snowflake. That's the NFs. :P

    If the guy's weird compared to everyone else then yeah, an ESTP is probably going to comment on it. So what?
    I was about to say...

    You be on our turf there

    The key to remember with ESTPs is that they're both Sensors and Thinkers -- as free-spirited as they may be, they're still only a letter away from an ESTJ. You gotta watch 'em like that. The only real difference is that where an ESTJ will maintain an opinion about a person, an ESTP will flip off their opinion and move on. They're more mobile and flexible.

    Still EST though
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    I agree with every ESTP who's posted so far. Amazin' how that works, eh?

    Funny enough, I do get that spidey sense about people like that, but because I prefer to be friendly with EVERYONE and like to take really stupid risks, I end up fraternizing with them anyway, sometimes with bad results. I think sometimes it's just a popularity contest, though - I want everyone to like me so I'll go to the ends of the earth to rub elbows with people.

    Really, though, I've avoided the craziest of people, or at least don't get involved with their antics, unless they become retards later on in life. Then I have to turn the dial down. It's tough when it's your best friend, though. But mostly I tend to have this instant repel system where if someone annoys me I just avoid them/don't listen to them.

    And yeah, the old man comment had to be light-hearted. Don't take most of what we say seriously unless it's completely obvious it's meant to be. Why? Because we just say whatever shit's on our minds. I hate it when people take offense at something that was more or less a joke or maybe just random nonsense. Kinda sucks.

    Quote Originally Posted by Idris View Post
    Use some context clues. That'll clue you in if it's lighthearted or not.
    hah. Best post in the freakin' thread.

    NTs seem to not be so good at that.

    (Also, we tease alot )
    -stellar renegade
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