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    Yes...I buy craftsmen tools because they are quality, but not expensive. If I need the higher quality I will spend the money. I bought me a $150 soldering iron because I got tired of the cheap $15 radio shack ones. I have my eye on a $600 smoker because its easy to use. Money has never been a big deal to me and I like quality, but how much I am willing to spend is dependent on how much I have. The more I make the more I am willing to spend on quality vs being frugal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Intricate Mystic View Post
    I'm not sure how to phrase this, but here goes...

    The ISTPs I know seem to have a knack for having quality in their lives in the midst of a somewhat pared down, cost-saving lifestyle. For example, one of my friends makes miniature works of art using high quality hand-ground pigments and knows lots of interesting amazing people, yet I don't think he makes a lot of money, he lives in a one-bedroom apartment, and he uses a bike to get around the city instead of owning a car. Is this approach to life something that other ISTP's relate to? If so, what is the mindset that leads to this type of lifestyle? I'm genuinely curious because I think I'll be living a more frugal life in the future and would like to figure out how to do it in style!
    Im not an Istp but I enjoy the challenge of being frugal and not sacrificing quality. I have a knack for it

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    Quote Originally Posted by turtile View Post
    If I buy something I'm going to use a lot over time, I always save for a high quality product. Take a knife for example. I could buy one for $20 that isn't very sharp and will probably loose its blade quickly or I could get one that is $100 that is very sharp and will hold its blade. Of course I will buy the more expensive one. I could have five knives for the same price as one high quality knife but what is the point of owning five knives that make cutting a long annoying project? I'll save time with the high quality knife. It will allow me to to work better and will probably far outlast all five of the cheap knives.


    ~$15 each, respected for their blade quality, durability, and simplicity.

    I get the point you're making, just stabbing holes in your argument for fun.
    Don't know how much it'll bend til it breaks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qlippoth View Post
    Not an S But I really relate to the above. I get an adversarial thrill buying generics and off brand, escpecially for the things that I KNOW are exactly the same thing but in different packaging. I hate watching advertisement, I hate the idea even more of paying for it. Seriously, Quaker Oats or Storebrand, can there really be a difference in oats? Some generics are really inferior, though, like kitty litter. You'll suffer for cutting corners on that. Mostly, figuring this stuff out is trial and error.

    I had a frugal moment this weekend. I decided for supper that I really wanted to make myself Udon noodles with tempura. I was without a strainer and also without something to sift the tempura flour with. I noticed no a Youtube video that a lady was using a large wire strainer for both the noodles and sifting. I made a $6 purchase and I had it all covered.
    I wonder if the evil market researchers are aware of this trend. I hope they don't catch on. I hope they all fuck off and die.

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    I saved money on an electric whisk. I attached a twisty straw to the end of my electric drill.

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