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    Quote Originally Posted by sLiPpY View Post
    You'll probably get a blank stare or observe the ISTP picking up bottles and reading lables...unless they've already got a favorite one. They're tried and true sure of.
    Hahaha's so hard to choose initially. What factors do you base it on, and how can you even guess what that brand actually has in favour of it other than advertising? Does the label tell anything valuable? I tend to alternate between staring into space and reading labels.

    I'm a terrible person to shop with; even the most patient person is going crazy.
    -end of thread-

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    I'm pretty bad about this, too. I'll say things like, "Yeah, we could do that."

    And that's pretty strong committed language for me. *heh* I suppose I use the word 'Should' waaaaaay more often than is comfortable for most people. "I should be able to." "I should be here." "I should be back by then." Even if I'm completely convinced that something wi... No, I'm lying. I don't think I'm every completely convinced of anything. Even if I'm 99.9999% certain of an outcome, there's still that pesky outlier that could make a liar out of me if I commit.

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    i lol'd. ninety five percent of the time i don't give a fuck between option a or option b.

    i have grown into the habit of picking one after being asked twice of my opinion on the subject, just for the sake of ending the perpetual loop of indecision.

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    This is why they have coin tosses and multi sided dice.

    Alternatively, if you still can't decide, you could apply extra restrictions to help make a choice easier: what takes the shortest time? what costs less? what is more annoying? what is new/familiar? If you truly do not care about option A or option B then applying a random rule shouldn't be hard since you should not care about what decides the end result either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rebe View Post
    istp and i was constantly

    what do you want?
    what do you want?
    i asked you first.
    whatever you want.
    but...only if you want.
    do you want to?
    but...but WHAT DO YOU WANT

    hahaha this happens all the time to me too. I'm probably worse than him though.

    and then when he actually has something he wants me to do with him, he doesn't let me know til 5 minutes before he's going to leave the house.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rachelinpa View Post
    i've noticed my istp rarely expresses want. it goes along with his indecisiveness. at the same time, however, he think it's fine to put the responsibility on me:

    "whatever YOU want"

    he says to me often.

    but sometimes it just comes down to him having to decide. i asked him if he WANTED to come to a hockey game with me... and after much dialogue... he finally says.. "i'll go. i should be done work earlier today."

    i don't expect super flowery language from him, but i do take note that his "i'll go" is not the same as "i want to go." it's the same as his earlier "yeah, i can come."

    it's not IF YOU CAN. i'm not asking IF YOU CAN. i'm asking IF YOU WANT TO!!


    what is this?
    An ISTP might not SAY what they want but they will certainly DO whatever they want. If they appear indecisive, its because they actually don't care either way. If they strongly do or do not want to do something they will definitely let you know about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MDP2525 View Post
    This is accurate.


    I don't know about your SO but I know I'm pretty selfish with my time. Even when in a relationship. When someone asks me if I want to go somewhere I say "I can go" because in my head I'm asking myself, "Do I have the energy for this?" "Can I go the rest of the night being around noisy fans?" "Am I going to enjoy this?" So when we answer those questions in the affirmative it comes out as "I can go" because that's how we are internally judging your question - "Can I or can't I?" It's our default. We don't want to say we can do something and then realize it's too much. That sucks for everyone. So we are answering that question for ourselves but also for you - if we care about you.

    It isn't a question of want. We know "want" right out of the gate. We don't need to think about it. When I say "I want" it's reserved for something I really enjoy but don't get to do as much as I'd like to. For instance, dirtbike riding, trivia contests, sex, whatever. You get the picture.

    Don't take that to mean that we don't or can't enjoy the "I can" things. It's just the "I want" things don't require us to expend energy outside our comfort zone. That's all the distinction is.
    Sounds like my dad. He is very selfish with his time. He has a lot of better stuff he could be doing, or at least that's the way he sees it. He hates to commit to something he's not entirely sure he wants to do. He also doesn't really like to say no (though he will, but if you give him a logical argument, he feels he has no choice but to agree despite knowing he doesn't want to), so I've heard him sigh and say "fine..." (or "probably" or "we'll see) a million times and then make up an excuse later.

    Even when he actually WANTS to do something (I think) he rarely responds with much enthusiasm.
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