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    Interesting. Apparently I'm the only one ISTP here who likes to dance. I though know tons others who like that and are extremely good at this.
    i think dancing is best when combined with Se and Fi

    Yeah, I'm very into Fi when I dance, it is easier to feel it than when I don't.
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    I used to love it when I was a teen/early 20's. I think it's kindof boring now. When I do it, yes, I'm either too bored or too aggressive. I'm sure I make a "fool" out of myself, but at the time, I've gotta do something to maintain interest and have a good time. Not really interested in dancing.
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    I grew up loving to dance. I was in dance club in high school. For me its definitely more of a sensory experience. I can do both structured and unstructured dance. I prefer unstructured as I don't have time or can't be bothered to learn the rules, but if I was really interested and invested my time I could do professional (or so I've been told). More recently I've stayed away from dancing...only cause it's gotten so trendy and EVERYBODY is doing it (Dancing with the Stars, etc). If I'm at a club with friends to have fun I don't give a damn if i'm not dancing "correctly" or long as I'm into it. If some douche-head tries to impress me with his amazing salsa-dancing skills I just roll my eyes. To me its not how well you dance...but if you're actually enjoying it and rocking it!

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