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Thread: watching people

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    Quote Originally Posted by JocktheMotie View Post
    I'll be at the airport tomorrow! I'm doing it. And snapping pics. I particularly like what some people think up for hair styles. Normally, I like to watch from far away, because if I engage in communication I have trouble maintaining eye contact and thus, can't actually watch what they're doing.
    No one said you actually have to communicate with strangers. I think that would increase the likelihood of you getting arrested.

    I actually love looking at how everyone is dressed. From people who are dressed for comfort, to women dressed in 4 inch hooker heels.

    @Halla, thank you for not calling me Ms.Obvious

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    Quote Originally Posted by You'reWrongI'mRight View Post
    lol, you're so cute!

    I do that too, actually I love doing it, esp at airports. Something about the frantic commotion, and the expression of remorse, sadness, excitement, regret, and everything else between. You want the perfect place of true expression, watch people at the airport. Just don't get arrested for looking suspicious
    busses are a great place to people watch as well... and eavesdrop... you never know what you'll see and hear there! Oftentimes it ends up that the entire front section of the bus discusses how the city SHOULD be run with the driver while the back half of the bus sleeps

    And people watching in drinking establishments, as mentioned by Halla, is also quite amusing... like when the occasional drag queen walks in late at night and is fawned over by the men and such

    Quote Originally Posted by Halla74 View Post
    The intensity with which you watch is directly proportional to your desire to understand your subjects, and learn from them. This is not predatory, it is professional!
    Indeed... I haven't lunged at a single Jugular vein yet!
    “The phrase 'Someone ought to do something' was not, by itself, a helpful one. People who used it never added the rider 'and that someone is me'.” - Terry Pratchett

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    For me, it's more like an automatic thing than a pleasure or conscious decision. If I'm at a place where a lot of people are passing by, I can't really stop myself from observing them. In fact, it's often difficult to just space out and think (unless I have something that I'm really focused on) if there's too much going on in front of me, because I can't help myself but look.
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    I watch people's more like when I'm going somewhere, and I'm surrounded by people. I watch their body language, I look for abnormalities, for beauty. I really enjoy looking at them and wondering, what's it like to be them, are they happy or unhappy..and why?

    I don't think it's type related.

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    I like watching older people. It is as if there is a story built into their face and movements.

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    On a similar subject . . . this, I learned from ESTP female friend (architect and fabulous dresser), is how people learn to dress well. They actually attend to their surroundings and focus on a detail and decide if it works, and why, and if it doesn't, and why.

    Since she vocalized this thought to me a few years ago, my wardrobe and ability to effectively put it to use has drastically improved! It never occurred to me to do that before. It was a life epiphany moment, that people who use concrete things well pay attention to how other people successfully or unsuccessfully use them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever View Post
    people watching has always been one of my favorite ways to kill time... I enjoy watching how the other people move, what they seem to be up to, how they interact with others and their environment and such... people are interesting and they are all rather different from one another

    I've been told several times lately though (I've had more time to people watch lately!) that I have the tendancy to watch people in a disturbingly predatory manner... like a lion would watch gazelles from the tall grass... sitting rather still in an out of the way location (It's shadier there and the sun burns me! ) and just watching, not spacing off or anything

    Worse yet, I watch people that I'm talking to in the same way... watching for body language, changes in inflection and such because that's where most of the communication occurrs. Most people don't realize this, but a few do... they tend to shift how they are standing and modify how they move once they catch on to the fact that they are being watched

    I can't help it... it's how I naturally watch people! I was wondering... is this a type thing in a way? Just curious!
    Yes, it is the TP thing. I also watch people. I have always watched people. When I lived in Helsinki and in Vienna, I used to stand in a corner of the railway station, watching people go by, for hours on end. People are great. At least amusementwise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wildcat View Post
    Yes, it is the TP thing.
    I don't know about that. I thought isfp were pretty observant like that too. I know I am.

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    The way I watch people revolves around threat assessment. When I'm outside the house and especially if someone else is with me, I am constantly scanning my environment and paying special attention to those who look like potential threats and even more so when anyone is within striking distance. Doesn't sound healthy, but I definitely don't feel anxious while I do it. It's just a habit, I guess, but whatever...

    Or wait, did you mean something else?
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