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    Quote Originally Posted by Bamboo View Post
    Sounds like you pressured him into it SB.
    I swear, I was really nice about it. I think if he hadn't been at work (and bored, but without the ability to get up and leave), he probably would have just said no.
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    ...and yes, I'm still on about that...

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    Quote Originally Posted by phoenity View Post
    Oh please share. I want to hear your perception of utterly rotten.
    Well, mostly pure manipulation and the things that pertain to manipulation. Not like pranks or skipping school or that sort of harmless thing.
    More like Iago. Grand scheme. Control.
    Art and artifice.

    I'm no angel myself. That's why the behavior sounded familiar. When I was much younger, much more selfish, and lacked morals and values...

    Does that make me a bad person as well?
    Not at all. Everyone has done something they aren't proud of.
    To me, bad people are unswervingly cruel or evil, know they are, and like it.

    In my defense, I never hurt anyone - emotionally or physically. No one ever knew what I was up to. I figured it was only wrong if I got caught, otherwise I was innocent. I realized the error of my ways on my own, and decided that wasn't who I really was, and didn't want to be that anymore.

    What kinds of drugs was he addicted to? Was it real addiction? Or just had no real desire to change?
    You name it - he probably did it. I was never fully briefed on the list. It was self-medicating behavior, I think, to circumvent his feelings.
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