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    I didn't really like chocolate milk when I was a kid, the kind you make at home with chocolate syrup stirred in. I liked Nestle chocolate milk though, that was good.

    I absolutely LURVED plain milk when I was a kid, ice cold, 2%, mmmm. But now I don't drink milk at all. Soy milk is pretty good. Rice milk is spectacularly refreshing. And my stepmom recently started buying coconut milk. Tastes plain, but smells a little like coconut.

    OMG Chocolate coconut milk would be SO AMAZING! Must try it when I get home.
    Just because I'm an INFP doesn't mean I'm emo!

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    The most awesome Chocolate Milk on the entire planet is made by Blue Ridge Creamery.

    It comes in an old school glass jug. First time I ever had a sip, I swear it was so good!

    I almost passed out!

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    That's how I feel about that Promised Land brand

    Except they're plastic bottles now...used to be glass. Not sure if it makes a difference.

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