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Thread: Ti-Se & Se-Ti

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    Quote Originally Posted by jixmixfix View Post
    So does your Se distract you when your outside and having a conversation?
    Certain activities can help me as I lose having such a strong focus on my thought process. Other times it causes problems when I do need to focus. Most of the time I can even escape to activities to get out of my thoughts. If I am heavy in Ti I will push myself even harder into Se and letting go of my thoughts.
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    Encouraged by a certain ESTP I'm joining the conversation here

    Quote Originally Posted by whatever View Post
    and taking in huge amounts of information from everything... the Ti is the poor stomach which is stuck to sort out everything that the Se tosses at it... Se doesn't always listen to Ti very well... I talk first and then think on a lot of occasions and I LOVE collecting information from everywhere, without real thought as to WHY I want the information
    Because collecting information is fun? Except for the Se playing the main role, this is an accurate description of how my mind work. My Ti gets flooded by lots of abstract ideas and connections. I'm more comfortable with linear functions and use them to solve practical questions while my students use practical problems to understand linear functions.

    To complete the entire picture, my Fe is the camouflage that is used to make the personality appear less threatening and more pleasant and the Ni is the evil little reptilian brain that usually isn't functioning but occasionally kicks in to warn of danger and such
    I'll also complete the picture and return to the original question of the thread... which means telling something about my use of Se. Sometimes I really conscientiously use it. Sometimes I realize there are things going on around me and I should pay attention in order to get some details to use later on in stories. Yes, that's right. Put Ne on a "I'll use this later in a story" loop, get Si in a "store information" mode, and I'm able to listen to Se for a little while.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fusetah View Post
    Good reply, may I ask where you got this info from?

    Oh, and as I understood it, I is more individual as in subjective while E is more focusing on the group as in objective(as objective one can be as an individual)
    It came out of my head. A large part of what I understand about function theory was formed by mulling things over in my head, seeing how the various functions fit together and what happened you change the definitions of the functions.

    There has been quite a bit of discusion on the forum on relative levels of objectivity and subjectivity of the functions. I've given it some consideration, but I've not found the idea useful in trying to understand the theory, so I've decided not to worry about it unless some issue comes up where the idea becomes useful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by poki View Post
    I had a door to door person come by the other day and there was so many other things going on with him besides hiw conversation that he would ask me a question and I was so clueless as I wasnt even paying attention to his actual words. They were trying to convince me of something that I had no interest in his attempts. I was more interested in the mannerism, his expressions as they told more about him then what he was saying. His words were like "I am doing this to blah, blah, blah help my college fund blah, blah, blah" The second I heard help for college I didnt need anymore convincing, but just more of a convincing of his truth and honesty and as he went on and on all I did was attempt to read him visually, inflection wise, etc. Everytime he would ask me a question I was like "what?" I so wanted to say "I wasnt listening to a word you said". He had to repeat his jokes which probably had to do with what he was picking up from me. Was more of an observation mode. Ti happened after the fact.

    I have the same problem with food, puzzles, etc as well.
    haha... I can relate to this and what Steph said. I can be in an in depth conversation with someone and half hear everything they say. When they say something important it's like an internal alarm goes off that says, "pay attention to that!" and I'll say, "Wait. Say that again." and then I'm good and they continue on.

    It's like you're blocking out pieces of information that most people would pick up as relevant (when it's really redundant) but you're concentrating on what information you decide is important or at the very least...more interesting to your entire understanding.

    To the OP: I don't know how to describe the difference. I know my Ti can get the best of me at times of low confidence and I can over-analyze and see only trees - no forest. Sometimes I have to actively "let" Se take over in the form of - Enough thinking. Time to act - to give me the bigger picture but most of the time - to use a bad analogy - Ti is the faucet handle and hose and Se is the water running through the hose. The water can't move without Ti pressures manipulating it's course.

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