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    hmm.. having difficulty committing to my own thread.

    klessard, your posts come from a very different standpoint than many of us SP's. I applaud your bravery.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shortnsweet View Post
    I don't have a major commitment issue, but sometimes I feel as though I'm not as committed as everyone else. Showing up to things late, not showing up to class, my wandering eye when it comes to relationships, getting sick of jobs quickly, and moving annually. I always think I am justified in everything I do. But over time, it appears that I am not committed to anything. Any SP's overcome these issues?

    Edit:I have even signed onto vent only to walk away.
    Oh I hear you. I'm either an ESTP or ENTP and I do ALL those things. It extends to hobbies and friends even - once I'm acquainted enough and I get my play out of them, I want to try something/one else.

    Of course, those "committed" IxxJs can also be described as "STUBBORN" and "STICKY". (The opposite of a euphemism...a malphemism?)
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    I never show up late anywhere unless my youngest kid is dragging his feet. I only started a sign language class several weeks ago, i have been to 2 lessons, missed one and am not thinking of quitting (it's only a 5 week course ) .. I'm bored of it. I am fully committed to relationships but moving house .. My mother calls me a gypsy because i move so often (since 15 i have lived in 10 different homes) and job wise, i stick it out if i am happy and i am not happy at present so i'll get my qualification then move on .. Move on to what, i don't have a clue .. But it will all work out in the end.

    I want to find a creative outlet but i know i'll quit as soon as i have started something .. I always do. I don't look at it as a negative though, i am just having fun testing things out until i find what i enjoy doing
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