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    When you reach my age.. You will realize there is very little difference between 18-21.. And if you ask me, a 21 year old male is probably more on a females level than a boy her own age.. Women mature faster.. men don't really catch up until they hit their 30's

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    I don't think you should worry too much about social norms
    and conventional ways. I don't see a problem with a 21 year
    old dating an 18 year old. Whoever told you that it would or
    could become a problem needs a -->

    In Norway the legal age is 16. In Sweden the legal age is 15.
    Some states in USA have different opinions on this and
    therefore have different laws.

    I've heard stories from Americans visiting Norway like "Man,
    when I was in Norway during my military career, I went out,
    had a few drinks, ended up with a girl, at her place, had loud
    sex, woke up the day after, and when I went downstairs I
    bumped into her father, and man, I thought he was going to
    shoot me, but instead, he said that breakfast was ready, and
    I ate breakfast with them, and then I left like nothing
    happened, what the fuck? Norway is freakin awesome!"

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    A few comments:

    - This thread is really old, but thanks for the bump, I suppose.

    - Since this post I never ended up dating any of those younger girls for a variety of reasons.

    - Since this post I did end up with, back to back (odd coincidence), two 26 year olds for some time each. Which is particularly amusing because I believe I even said somewhere in this thread "I'd date a 26 year old."

    My age was a mild factor in each case.

    - Also, Norway sounds pretty cool.
    Don't know how much it'll bend til it breaks.

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