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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever View Post
    ESTPs are apparently rather horrifyingly cheerful most of the time as well

    I have been informed that it is an annoying trait
    hah, TALK ABOUT IT!

    It always confused me how people could be put off by my extreme happiness. It's been rare, though. For the most part people love being around me. One girl told me that I "have so much energy but it's not annoying like with some other people," so I think the overall trend is positive, although my ISFJ girl had a really hard time with it at first.

    Quote Originally Posted by SilkRoad View Post
    Do you ever get...tired being so "up" all the time?! Or crash really hard?

    I do think that out of all the types, ESFPs may be the ones I have the hardest time understanding. But like I said, I am a bit jealous too.
    Hey! Know what? In Keirsey theory you guys are opposites.

    /shameless Keirsey promotion

    Get tired of being up all the time? Yeah, kinda presents a problem when you're trying to flirt.

    But seriously, if I'm not up and at 'em and energized, I'm extremely depressed. I need something to keep me going, I need to always be on my toes or else it's like I'm dead.
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    I do have to say that there are way, way worse things than being relentlessly cheerful... I would much rather be around the relentlessly cheerful person than the relentlessly mean one, for instance...

    Maybe it's just chemistry between different people, in the end. This particular person I mentioned, while I basically like her, also annoys me a bit. I can think of other people who are 99.9999% cheerful and it doesn't annoy me. Maybe it's just the style. I think non-stop party-hearty attitudes are the ones that kinda get me, actually.
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