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If someone was going to say nice things about you, what adjectives would you consider to be the most complementing? (Examples: adventurous, brave, resourceful)
Helpful, understanding, fun to be around, nice. Anything good though, really (like Kdude said, as long as it's not superficial)

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If you were sitting in your house, and then all of a sudden, you had a premonition that a massive flood was going to flood through the area in the next 30 minutes, what would you do? How would you prepare, would you get inside your car and drive out of the city, or stay in your home and protect it from your vandalizing neighbors?
If a huge flood were coming through, I'd lose my house regardless. I'd quickly pack all of the food that I had, lots of water, clothes, basically my belongings (I really don't have too much stuff) and get to higher ground as quickly as possible.

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Think back to your teenage years and remember how much of a pain you viewed your parents/teachers/low paying jobs were. What were your ultimate fantasies about? Did you want to run away from home/ prove your teachers wrong and stupid/ become manager and rub the old managerís nose in it?
I fantasized about having unlimited money (and still do). I also fantasized about living in another dimension or one of the worlds in my video games/shows I liked.

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If you had infinite resources, money, and power-furthermore, you did not have to work, you had no responsibilities, and you would never be taken out of power- what would you do for fun? Think long term and large scale.
I would get my helicoptor flying license and fly places. I'd also have a personal jet to fly places too. I'd probably just play video games and party a lot honestly; there isn't shit to do anyway. I'd pursue some of my other hobbies too, like martial arts, being in nature, and fencing.

I've also always wanted to do this; so I probably would-


Oh and if I had unlimited resources I'd probably fix world poverty and hunger. Since, you know, why not? That is a pretty major problem.

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Finally, What is your favorite color and what adjectives or properties would you say it embodies (example: Purple = subdued, quiet depth, ; yellow = charming, bright)
My favorite color is Purple. I like how it looks and I have a general feel of what it symbolizes, but I haven't seen any descriptions.