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    Default ISTP v ENFJ shadow function

    I've been wondering lately -

    If you're an ISTP living as your shadow ENFJ, how would you know that you're really an ISTP stuck in a rut? Wouldn't you just think you're an ENFJ?

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    The only time I can see shadow functions emerge is in times of extreme stress and even then it probably wouldn't be an existence. Rather an outburst or two? I don't really know.

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    That is not how shadow profile works.
    ISTP shadow profile is ESTJ. ENFJ shadow profile is INFP. ISTP and ENFJ have nothing in common but Conflicting socionics.
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    The shadow functions are the four functions not in your MBTI stack. I don't know typical ordering, but if you're an ISTP then your shadow functions could be represented by ISTJ (Si Te Fi Ne), ESTJ (Te Si Ne Fi), INFP (Fi Ne Si Te), or ENFP (Ne Fi Te Si).

    ENFJ actually uses the same four functions as ISTP in exactly the opposite order (Ti Se Ni Fe vs Fe Ni Se Ti).

    I've heard of shadow functions just popping up every once in a while, but never all four at once.

    Not 100% sure how it relates to Socionics since they're competing theories.
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