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    I hated having to sit still at a desk and having someone control my every move for most of the day. I'd stare out the window, doodle, fall asleep. And I hated homework.

    But I love to learn and I did well in school. I'd just much rather learn on my own. I'm very much a do-it-yourself learner. I have to figure things out for myself. Someone telling me... uh, no. And that's what school mainly is- someone telling you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Intricate Mystic View Post
    If you did, do you know why you disliked it so much? Just wondering.
    I never really like school..I hate the grading system. Students who get high grades are almost always praised, and are regarded as superior beings..while those who only get average grades or worse, low grades, are not paid attention to unlike the attention paid to the former.

    I also don't like my performance to be judged by numbers or letters...if there was a nongraded school, maybe school would be a much stimulating experience..rather than a traumatic and stressful one for me
    I'm a Phlegmatic-Melancholy.

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