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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Mobius View Post
    Well here is an overly long explanation that I'm pretty sure you did not want

    Also this is a thread on MBTI SPs so most of the last two page is off topic, and in a boring rehashed a trillion time way.
    No, your long explanation is great, it makes sense given all of the descriptions I've read;possibly also why when I look at the quadrants I can't make sense of any of them. Also, it's interesting how hyper-detailed they get in behavioral descriptions/expectations for a given type. I've never been able to type myself in that system, but like I said earlier, like any of the systems out there, it's going to fit some people well.( because as you say, it's in fact using some actual people/types to create the theory -- just then assuming everyone else will fall into the same descriptions.

    Edit: Back on topic: demonstrating this SP can read wall of texts
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hard View Post
    I don't think intelligence types is going to play much of a role towards personality types, but nevertheless this is what I got:

    I use this test to see how well people know themselves (but I never tell them my particular purpose for the test so as not to bias their responses). You appear to know yourself very well (high intrapersonal score), so it's unlikely that you have mis-typed yourself. I am more open to the possibility of mis-typing from people with low intrapersonal scores, as they tend not to know themselves as well.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hard View Post
    In socionics I am simply far too blunt, far too direct, far too driving and ignoring of certain social niceties that I simply can not be EIE despite sharing some connection with it. It does make for an interesting interplay as I am clearly ENFJ in MBTI terms, but I've long been known to have a very oddly contradictory nature that works fluidly. That, and many people who know me will say "you're lawful neutral, but you do have one hell of a chaotic streak at times", and it's very true.

    Per the thread itself, as I am an SP in socionics, I do tend to write walls of text. However, I make a point to make them easy to follow walls of text.
    To be honest, that sounds like an EIE to me. EIE is noted for its ability to hold two, contradictory thoughts in its mind (at the same time) without experiencing discomfort or any cognitive dissonance (as other Sociotypes would and do).

    Often wavering and hesitant, which makes it difficult for him to make important decisions. However, once the decision has been made, he will not hesitate any longer and will not look back. Internally, EIE is very contradictory. He is attuned to inconsistencies between what people say and what they do, conflicts and hypocrisy. Often has an interest in topics related to destiny, fate, and other mysterious phenomena. Over time, his worldviews may change to something diametrically opposite of what he has previously conceived.

    Socionics - - ENFj The Mentor profile by Gulenko
    And this:

    This is the most varied and contradictory of all the types, both internally and externally.

    Socionics - - Socionics Type Subtype Descriptions by V. Meged, A. Ovcharov, and V. Gulenko
    As I mentioned above, EIE is known to have the unique ability to hold two, contradictory thoughts in its head without experiencing the discomfort or cognitive dissonance that would (and does) affect other Sociotypes (I searched for the exact quote but couldn't find it). For example, in my world, humans are both wonderful, amazing, and the most important concerns of my life while, at the same time, humans are evil, destructive, and a bane to the planet and the universe as a whole. Both are true (to me). Your being described as "lawful neutral" with "one hell of a chaotic streak" may be a reflection of this unique EIE capacity (or so it seems to me). You might want to take another look at the EIE. A M/B ENFJ converts, quite precisely, into an EIE (ENFj) in Socionics. It's interesting that you feel the EIE descriptions are generally off-base for you.

    Thanks for the response.
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    Color Code: Blue (intimacy-driven)
    Soul Type: Educator

    Sentio ergo sum.
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