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    Hate the phone just as well. I need face to face communication to read the people around me to really grasp what they're talking about. I always have to look into people's eyes though. I can't read their eyes though... I've always wondered how people do that.
    I suppose I just use the 'look into some one's eyes' thing to see how secure or comfortable someone is around me. I've had people who will continue to look back into my eyes and others whom always have to look away. It's interesting to get that feel.
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    ISTP's are especially intimidating because not only do they stare, but they also have a tendency to frown when they are analyzing and thinking.

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    ISTPs can be kind of intimidating-but once I figured out this was more analytical with my ex, I just ignored it in new ISTPs I met.

    I think the sideways eye ball look is Fe-I notice it very, very strongly in EXTPs, but not so much in ISTPs oddly.

    That think about being able to observe tiny twitches and then route the convo to your own goal? Yup, you guys can do that. I can feel the convo being rerouted as typically you use tertFe, so I kick back with Te or redirect with Ne. Mostly this knocks you guys off balance, But if I get cornered by an ESTP, and cant really figure out what to do-I resort to email. I disengage, then email them and cc my boss.

    I actually will make eye contact only when using Te. Then it is very direct and forceful and can be intimidating. But when I use Fi, I cant make any eye contact. I honestly dont have to. With other Te-Fi combo people, just by being in their proximity I can pick up on the subtle stuff you guys see visually. I "feel" it kinesthetically.

    I know my "feel" of a Ti/Fe user is often correct-in that I recognize there is something out of the norm from their typical behavior-but my interpretation will be horrifically wrong as I try and jugde using Fi/Te.

    I would expect you guys would "see" Fi/Te users doing something correctly, but then be very incorrect in an assessment of motive.

    Does this sound right? ie you are good with other Ti users, but have a harder time with Fi users?

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