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    Default ISTP & ISFP relationships

    I am curious if any ISTP's here have dated/married ISFP's, or vice versa.

    What parts of this dynamic were/are good?

    I'm also curious what problems might arise with an ISTP/ISFP couple.
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    i am married to an ISFP.
    i don't know how our types affect the relationship. we have a very good relationship, but i am not sure in what way typology plays into it.

    it is very familiar and comfortable, we have a similarity of approach to life. we have a relationship that is more about comfort and solidarity.

    i think that one of the drawbacks is that we may not always challenge each other much, and there is probably a tendency to become too comfortable and sort of lethargic.

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    I'm pretty sure I've never dated an ISFP, but I'd imagine I'd go nuts trying to not hurt feelings. Y'know what? I don't know if I've been friends with an ISFP irl before. I know I've hurt ESFP feelings completely unintentionally before. Didn't know it 'til a few weeks later too. Whoops.
    I think I'm an ISTP.

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